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Permanent identification of your dog

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Stray dogs and cats are a big problem in many countries. In the UK alone it is estimated that more than £250 million a year is spent by local authorities, police forces and animal welfare charities rounding up and looking after stray cats and dogs. It is much harder to calculate the emotional cost to both the owner and animal when a pet is lost. Microchips are a quick and efficient way to reunite owners with their lost pets, even across international frontiers.

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Introduction: Permanent identification of your dog

Why is it important to identify a dog?

What is a microchip?

How is a microchip inserted?

Is the microchipping system foolproof?

Are there any alternatives to microchips?

Are there any risks to fitting a microchip?

How can my pet be traced to me?

Do microchips have any additional uses?