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Flea control

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Fleas are the most common parasite in household pets and every cat and dog is likely to be infected at some stage in its life. However, with the advent of modern products it is possible to prevent fleas from becoming a problem in your home. Working closely with your vet, who will give you advice on how to use these products effectively, you will be able to stop these nasty little insects making a meal of your pet and you!

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Your questions answered

Introduction: Flea control

Why do I need to treat my pets for fleas?

How can fleas be controlled?

How can these treatments be given?

How often do I need to treat my pet?

Do flea collars work?

What if I can't spray my pet?

Why do I need to treat the house?

What products are effective in the house?

How do I stop fleas coming back?

How safe are flea control products?