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Blood biochemistry: sodium

Synonym(s): Na

Contributor(s): Anna Meredith, Vetstream Ltd, Michael Waters, John Chitty


  • Present mainly in extracellular fluid but freely diffusible throughout ECF.
  • Usually base excess in diet so dietary alterations unlikely to affect concentrations in body.
  • Regulated by kidneys and important in regulation of fluid balance.
  • Sodium and chloride Blood biochemistry: chloride ions are the most osmotically active solute in plasma.
  • Measured in conjunction with other electrolytes, eg chloride Blood biochemistry: chloride and potassium Blood biochemistry: potassium where metabolic disturbances may be suspected, eg diarrhea. Always assess in association with osmolality where pseudohyponatremia (isotonic/hypertonic) is not significant, whereas true hyponatremia (hypotonic) is significant.
  • In combination with urine electrolyte concentrations for fractional electrolyte excretion in assessment of renal failure.


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  • Widely available at commercial laboratories.

Technique (intrinsic) limitations

  • Test results only significant in conjunction with other laboratory results and clinical findings.

Result Data

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