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Thymus: neoplasia

Synonym(s): Thymoma, Thymic lymphoma

Contributor(s): Brendan Carmel, Joanna Hedley, David Perpinan


  • The thymus of rabbits is large, persists into adulthood, and is located in the cranial mediastinum. 
  • Benign (thymoma) and malignant (thymic lymphoma, thymic carcinoma) neoplasms have been reported. Thymomas are more common.
  • Cause: unknown. Genetics or previous infections have been suggested as predisposing factors in some cases.
  • Signs: clinical signs are generally associated with space-occupying mass in the mediastinum.
  • Diagnosis: based on clinical signs, imaging and cytology/histology.
  • Treatment: radiation therapy is now the treatment of choice, although surgery also available.
  • Prognosis: relatively good with radiation therapy.

Presenting signs

  • Dyspnea - generally progressive, but it can go unnoticed by owners until the rabbit presents with an acute onset of dyspnea, tachypnea and open mouth breathing.
  • Exercise intolerance.
  • Anorexia and lethargy (with consequent gastrointestinal stasis Gastric dilation and stasis in some cases).
  • Bilateral exophthalmos Eye: exophthalmos and prolapse of the third eyelid .
  • Swelling/edema of head, neck and forelimbs has also been seen due to impaired venous return to the heart.

Acute presentation

  • The condition can be presented acutely, probably due to inability of owners to detect more chronic signs such as exercise intolerance and tachypnea.

Age predisposition

  • May be more common in older rabbits (older than 3 years old).
  • Median age of presentation is 6 years old.

Public health considerations

  • Thymomas can be concurrent with other zoonotic infections such as mycobacteriosis.

Cost considerations

  • Advance imaging techniques, surgery and radiation therapy may be very expensive.

Special risks, eg anesthetic

  • Surgical treatment is technically challenging and carries high risk of complications.
  • Radiation therapy involves repeated frequent anesthetic episodes.


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