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Staphylococcus spp

Contributor(s): Vetstream Ltd, Susan Dawson, Molly Varga




  • Family: Micrococcaceae.
  • Genus:Staphylococcus.


  • Gk:Staphylo= grape;kokkos= granule.

Active Forms

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Clinical Effects



  • Many commensals on mucosal surfaces.
  • Can also survive on fomites.


  • Endogenous infection.
  • Infection from environment.

Pathological effects

  • Pathogenicstaphylococciusually coagulase-positive; also produce range of other enzymes and toxins.
  • Suppurative infections on the skin, hematogenous spread to deeper tissues causing abscessation   Abscess   urinary tract infections   Cystitis  , mastitis   Mastitis   and otitis media/interna   Otitis media / interna  .

Other Host Effects

  • Potential for septicemia.


Control via chemotherapies

  • Antibiotic resistance common; susceptibility testing helpful.

Control via environment

  • Associated with poor hygiene and overcrowding, so both of these issues should be addressed.


  • None available at this time.


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