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Listeria monocytogenes

Contributor(s): Sarah Pellett, Lesa Thompson




  • Family: Listeriaceae.
  • Genus: Listeria.
  • Species: monocytogenes.


  • Listeria: named after Lord Lister, an English surgeon and pioneer of antisepsis.
  • Monocytogenes: monocyte-producing.

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Clinical Effects



  • Found widespread in the environment, eg in soil, silage, stream water or sewage.
  • Found in numerous animal species but most commonly in ruminants; occasionally it is found in swine, horses, dogs, cats and rabbits. Septicemic listeriosis has been reported in wild hares.


  • Entry into the body through gastrointestinal tract.
  • Pathogen grows and proliferates within phagocytes.
  • Lysis of the phagocyte causes spread of the pathogen to surrounding cells.
  • The bacteria can polymerise actin by means of the protein Act A, enhancing their intracellular mobility.
  • L. monocytogenes is facultatively intracellular (in monocytes).


  • Primarily feed-bourne.
  • Mainly via the fecal-oral route.
  • Penetration through damaged mucosal surfaces can occur.
  • D-galactose residues on the surface of L. monocytogenes attach to D-galactose receptors on host cell walls, commonly M cells and Peyer's patches of the host's intestinal mucosa. L. monocytogenes then translocates past the intestinal membrane and into the body.
  • In rabbits, L. monocytogenes has a predilection for the gravid uterus in advanced pregnancy.

Pathological effects

  • Uterine infection.
  • Abortion.
  • Infertility.
  • Liver disease Liver: disease.
  • Sudden death.
  • Rarely, neurological pathology (heat tilt Head tilt (torticollis) linked to meningoencephalitis) is seen in the rabbit.

Other Host Effects

  • Immunity to L. monocytogenes is mainly cell-mediated via TH cells.


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