Felis ISSN 2398-2950

Therapeutics: oral chondroprotectants

Synonym(s): Chondromodulating drugs, nutraceuticals

Contributor(s): Brian Beale, David Godfrey, John J Haburjak, Lauren Trepanier


  • Classified as:
    • Slow-acting drugs in osteoarthritis (SADOA).
      • Symptomatic slow-acting drugs in osteoarthritis   Arthritis: osteoarthritis   (SYSADOA).
      • Disease-modifying osteoarthritis drugs (DMOAD).
    • Chondromodulating drugs.
    • Nutraceuticals   Nutraceuticals: principles and uses   (glucosamines, chondroitin sulfate, ASU) .
      Unity in quality, grade and quantity (strength) cannot be guaranteed or easily verified for nutraceuticals.
      Equivalency between different product labels is not easily compared.
      Nutraceuticals cannot be sold with the claim of efficacy in the treatment of osteoarthritis.


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Omega-3 fatty acids

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