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  •   Bengal 

General information

  • Developed in the USA from crosses between Asian Leopard Cats and domestic cats of various breeds.
  • Bred in the UK from imported cats.
  • Given Preliminary recognition by GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) in June 1997 and championship status from 2005. 
  • The first two generations (F1, F2) tend towards the wariness of their wild ancestors, but later generations are friendly, lively cats who enjoy playing with water. From 1st June 2008, no further F3s will be registered by GCCF.
  • Need minimal grooming.

Biological data

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  • Visit the Cat Fanciers' Association website to search for details of CFA Affiliated cat clubs -www.cfa.org.
  • The International Bengal Cat Society - www.bengalcat.com.