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Mediastinal lymphoma

Synonym(s): Thymic lymphoma, thoracic lymphoma

Contributor(s): Laura Garrett, Philip K Nicholls, Isabelle Desmas-Bazelle


  • Lymphoma in the mediastinum of cats affects the lymph nodes in the cranial mediastinum and/or the thymus.
  • Mediastinal/thymic lymphoma comprises 10-20% of feline lymphomas.
  • Male and young Siamese appear to be overrepresented.
  • Cause: historically most (>80-85%) cases were associated with feline leukemia virus which can cause malignant transformation of lymphocytes but this is no longer the case following widespread FeLV vaccination.
  • Signs: associated with respiratory system (dyspnea, coughing, tachypnea) and/or esophagus (anorexia, regurgitation, dysphagia, drooling).
  • Diagnosis: radiography, ultrasonography, computed tomography, cytology, histopathology, flow cytometry, PCR for antigen rearrangement.
  • Treatment: thoracocentesis, chemotherapy, radiation therapy.
  • Prognosis: overall median survival time approximately 12 months (32 months for cats achieving a complete response to chemotherapy).



  • Historically most (>80-85%) cases were associated with feline leukemia virus Feline leukemia virus disease, which can cause malignant transformation of lymphocytes. This is no longer the case following widespread FeLV vaccination.


  • FIV+ cats are at increased risk for development of lymphoma Lymphoma.


  • Clinical signs arise from:
    • (1) Compression/invasion of local mediastinal structures.
    • (2) Pleural effusion Pleural effusion, contributing to respiratory distress (along with direct effects of mass).
  • Hypercalcemia Hypercalcemia: overview is rare in thymic/mediastinal lymphoma.
  • The FeLV associated lymphomas are usually T-cell lineage; non-retroviral-associated. FeLV is a retrovirus of the family Oncovirinae. Viral integration into the host genome activates host proto-oncogenes such as c-myc or within flit-1 locus (this domain may influence lymphoagenesis). Disease spectrum appears to be determined by key sequences in long terminal repeats and surface glycoprotein (SU) envelope genes of the virus.


  • Incidence may be falling due to use of FeLV vaccines.


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