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Aspergillus fumigatus

Synonym(s): A. fumigatus

Contributor(s): Richard Walker




  • Kingdom: Fungi.
  • Division: Amastogomycota.
  • Order: Eurotiales.
  • Genus: Aspergillus.
  • Species: fumigatus.


  • Latin: asperge - sprinkle; fumus - smoke.

Active Forms

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Clinical Effects



  • Inhalation or ingestion from the environment.

Pathological effects

  • Depends on impaired defenses in host to assume pathogenic role.
  • Produces hemolysins, proteolytic enzymes and other toxic factors but their role in pathogenesis is not known.
  • Horses: guttural pouch mycosis, nasal granulomas, intestinal disease in foals.
  • Dogs: otitis externa (often mixed infection), chronic rhinitis (nasal aspergillosis).
  • Cattle: abortion, pneumonia, mastitis, intestinal disease in calves.
  • Birds: pneumonia and respiratory tract infection.
  • Humans: local infection, generalized infection and allergic reactions (often affects immunocompromized patients).
  • Cats: rare, pneumonia Pneumonia.

Other Host Effects

  • Opportunistic pathogen.


Control via chemotherapies

  • Topically: iodine or nystatin Nystatin.
  • Systemically: amphotericin B Amphotericin B, itraconozole Itraconazole (orally).
  • Products not licensed for this use in the cat.


  • Not available.


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Further Reading


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