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Synonym(s): Complete blood count (CBC), Hemogram

Contributor(s): Vetstream Ltd, David Perpinan


  • Study of blood cells.
  • Red cells via:
    • Packed cell volume (PCV) Hematology: packed cell volume.
    • Red blood cell (RBC) count Hematology: red blood cell count.
    • Hemoglobin (Hb) concentration Hematology: hemoglobin concentration.
    • RBC indices: MCV (mean cell volume or mean corpuscular volume), MCH (mean cell hemoglobin or mean corpuscular hemoglobin) and MCHC (mean cell hemoglobin concentration or mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration).
    • Reticulocyte count (either on routine request or when evidence of anemia is present).
  • White cells via:
    • Leukocyte (WBC) count Hematology: leukocyte (WBC).
    • Differential WBC count: relative amounts of various WBC cells present.
  • Platelet count and morphology Hematology: platelet count.
  • Tests of clotting function (values in seconds):
    • Whole blood clotting time (WBCT).
    • Prothrombin time (PT).
    • Activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT).


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  • Manual: evaluation of blood smears.
  • Mechanical: electronic cell counters for most determinations.


  • Widely available at commercial laboratories.
  • Blood smears can be examined in practice.

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