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What is Exotis

Vetlexicon Exotis is our brand new service providing the finest clinical information resource for exotic species. The current species available on Exotis are Guinea Pigs and Ferrets.

We are currently working on a whole new Class that will added to Exotis in Summer 2018. Following popular demand, Reptiles will be next, covering Chelonians, Lizards and Snakes. Be sure to register you email address in our 'keep up to date' sign up box to receive all the latest news and updates on Exotis and any Reptile progress.

It provides evidence based point of care of information, hundreds of articles, images, videos and sounds, surgical and diagnostic techniques, a vast library of owner factsheets and much more. All the information is designed to optimise your individual time, practice confidence and naturally support your clinical protocols.

Why do you need Exotis?

Following extensive research, it was clear that the amount of clinical information available to vets on exotic species was minimal and very unstructured, so we wanted to change that.

Vetlexicon is the world's largest online peer-reviewed clinical resource for cats, dogs, rabbits and horses and our aim is to ensure that we also become the world leading provider of clinical information for Exotic species.

Although Exotis is still in its infancy, it already provides a vast plethora of peer-reviewed clinical information on guinea pigs, ferrets and reptiles. Having this information at your fingertips 24/7 not only saves your practice time and money by speeding up critical decision making and reducing the need for referrals, it improves client communications, trust and retention, and therefore increasing revenue.

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