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Cornea: cauterization



  • Chemical cauterization is rarely used in the horse although it has been used in the past to remove proliferative lesions from the adnexa and cornea, and occasionally to cauterize chronic indolent ulcers in an attempt to encourage healing.
  • The technique of corneal debridement is preferred   Cornea: debridement  .


  • Liquid phenol : precipitates corneal protein and is therefore self-limiting. Used in superficial corneal ulcers.
  • Silver nitrate sticks : not self-limiting and will cause permanent black residue in the cornea.


  • Iodine preparations including tincture of iodine (3.5 or 7%) : are very irritating to the cornea.
  • Povidone iodine   Povidone-iodine  antiseptic solutions (various dilutions): are usually applied on cotton swabs and used in fungal keratitis.


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