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Third eyelid: trauma

Contributor(s): Keith Barnett, Paul E Miller, Graham Munroe


  • Incidence: not common.
  • Cause: may occur with eyelid lacerations   Eyelid: trauma  or other ocular trauma .
  • Treatment:
  • Superficial lesions can be allowed to heal by secondary intention   Wound: healing - second intention  .
  • Lacerations involving the bulbar surface, margin or cartilage require surgical repair   Third eyelid: trauma - repair  .
  • May result in chronic lacrimation as the third eyelid facilitates cleaning of the ocular surface and proper distribution of the pre-corneal tear film.
  • Severely damaged third eyelids may require removal   Third eyelid: excision  .
  • Close wound with fine absorbable suture material so that the suture tags cannot rub against the cornea.

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