Equis ISSN 2398-2977

Penis: habronemiasis

Synonym(s): Summer sores, Cutaneous habronemiasis

Contributor(s): Rob Lofstedt, Dawn Logas, Reginald Pascoe, Sue Paterson, David Senter


  • A seasonal condition characterized by mildly pruritic, reddish-brown granulomatous lesions   Penis: habronemiasis  .
  • Cause: aberrant intradermal migration of larve of stomach worms:Habronema muscae,Habronema majusandDraschia megastoma  Habronema spp  .
  • Signs: lesions occur most commonly in medial canthus of eye, around male genitalia and on uncovered wounds.
  • Diagnosis: history and clinical signs are suggestive. Confirmation is by skin biopsy   Dermatology: biopsy  .
  • Treatment: to reduce size of lesion, reduce inflammation and to prevent reinfestation.
  • Prognosis: strict adherence to fly control measures and wound control for life in hypersensitive animals.
  • See Habronemiasis   Habronemiasis  .

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