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Induction of parturition

Contributor(s): Autumn P Davidson, Carlos Pinto

Induction of parturition

  • Practitioners are occasionally asked to induce whelping in bitches:
    • Induction of parturition in bitches should not be attempted only for convenience.
    • Pregnancy toxemia is one example of medical conditions that compromise maternal health; affected bitches will benefit from termination of pregnancy via induction of parturition Pregnancy termination.
  • Although this is a common technique in farm animals, it is not practiced in companion animals for two reasons:
    • The endocrinology of whelping is poorly understood and very few protocols have been shown to be safe and efficacious.
    • Puppies from induced parturition may be at risk of developing neonatal respiratory distress syndrome (former hyaline membrane disease) and thus, resulting in increased incidence of neonatal death.
  • Drugs and protocols used to electively terminate pregnancy in dogs may be used to induce parturition but not all are safe in preserving neonatal viability.


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