Canis ISSN: 2398-2942


Synonym(s): Malignant melanoma

Contributor(s): Laura Garrett, David Scarff, Isabelle Desmas-Bazelle


  • Common in skin, digit and oral cavity, less common in iris and ciliary body of eye.
  • Diagnosis: cytology, histopathology.
  • Treatment: surgical resection +/- radiotherapy +/- chemotherapy +/- immunotherapy.
  • Prognosis: majority of skin melanomas are benign, as are iris and ciliary body melanomas (melanocytomas).
  • Melanomas of digits and oral cavity are malignant (malignant melanomas).
Follow the management tree for Management of cutaneous melanoma.



  • Melanocytomas may become secondarily infected or hemorrhagic after a trauma.
  • Malignant melanomas frequently metastasize to local and distant sites.


  • Benign usually grow slowly.
  • Malignant grow quickly and secondary spread develops early.
  • Metastatic rate has been reported to be up to 80% for oral melanoma, 32-40% for digit melanoma Digit: neoplasia.


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