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Skin: congenital and hereditary defect - overview

Contributor(s): Karen Campbell, David Scarff


  • Most congenital and hereditary conditions have been reported in small numbers, thus there is no detailed understanding of their heritability.
  • In most conditions the animals should not be used for breeding.

Disorders of the surface and follicular epithelium

Disorders of hairs and hair growth - structural defects of the hair shaft

Disorders of hairs and hair growth - congential hypotrichosis or alopecia

  • Alopecic breeds ( Mexican Hairless Dog, Chinese Crested Dog, Inca Hairless Dog, Peruvian Inca Orchid, American Hairless Terrier, Abyssinian Dog, African Sand Dog, Turkish Naked Dog).
  • Congenital hypotrichosis Skin: congenital hypotrichosis and alopecia.

Disorders of hairs and hair growth - tardive hypotrichosis or alopecia

Disorders of hairs and hair growth - miscellaneous

Disorders of pigmentation - hyperpigmentary disorders

Disorders of pigmentation - hypopigmentary disorders

Disorders of pigmentation - disorders of atypical coloration

Disorders of collagen

  • Cutaneous asthenia Skin: cutaneous asthenia.
  • Disorder of the footpads in the German Shepherd Dog.
  • Focal metatarsal fistulation in the German Shepherd Dog.
  • Multiple collagenous nevi.
  • Nodular dermatofibrosis.

Disorders of vessels

  • Familial vasculopathy.
  • Lymphedema.



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