Canis ISSN: 2398-2942


Synonym(s): French water dog

Contributor(s): Vetstream Ltd, Wendy Preston


General information

  • Ancient French breed whose name is derived from the French word for beard, 'barbe'.
  • Believed to share common ancestors with other dog breeds including Poodle Poodle: standard, Bichon Frise Bichon Frise, Otterhound Otterhound, Newfoundland Newfoundland, Briard Briard.
  • A medium-large, active dog.
  • Non-shedding long, woolly, waterproof coat which requires maintenance and regular grooming.
  • Intelligent, sensitive, even-tempered and cheerful, devoted to its owners.
  • A high percentage of the breed will have DNA profiling.

Biological Data

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