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Weak calf syndrome

Synonym(s): Fading calves, dummy calves, cachexia

Contributor(s): Mike Reynolds , Tim Potter


  • A weak calf syndrome was first reported in Northern America in 1976.
  • Clinical signs:
    • Calves may be born weak and unable to stand. These animals have a poor prognosis. 
    • More usually calves are born”normal” and will stand but subsequently collapse with hypothermia and die within hours of birth.
  • Etiology: multifactorial: involving trace element, nutritional, infectious disease, environmental, traumatic injuries (such as being laid on) and nutritional and trace element management of the dam.
  • Epidemiology:
    • Usually several cases on a farm.
    • Often several farms affected in a geographic region in a single season.
    • Weak calf syndrome may not occur for several years and then occur as “epidemic” in a region.        


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