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30 Day Trial Access

You can purchase a 30 day trial* to our Vetlexicon services. Please note that this is for 30 days access only and will not renew at the end of the 30 days.

You will be charged immediately for this service.
* Trials limited to one trial per service for each user.

Upgrade during your trial period and save 10% on a full subscription.**
** 10% discount applies for first 12 months only.

All prices exclude VAT

Trial Canis Felis Lapis Exotis Equis Bovis Total
30 days

Individual User Subscription - 12 Month Minimum Term

For more than 1 user you will need a Practice Subscription account, for more information on this or if you have a query regarding IP Authentication and/or anything else please contact


  • 5% off (2 services)
  • 10% off (3 services)
  • 15% off (4 or more services)

Exotis is not eligible for discount. All prices exclude VAT

Subscription Canis Felis Lapis Exotis Equis Bovis Total
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