RSPCA Releases Annual Statistics on Exotic Animal Rescues


The RSPCA has released their annual statistics, which reveal the plights of exotic animals across the country...
Across England and Wales in 2018, the number of calls received by the RSPCA's 24-hour cruelty hotline increased by 13% (from 2017) to 1,175,193 calls, and they received around 15,790 about exotics alone (more than 40 a day)!

The RSPCA have also reported that their team of specially trained exotics officers rescued over 4,000 exotic animals in 2018. These included more than 500 snakes, more than 300 turtles, 145 bearded dragons, five raccoon dogs, four marmosets and one wallaby.

Check out the RSPCA website for the full story.