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Nasogastric intubation

The passage of a tube permits removal of excess gastric fluids or air, lavage of gastric contents, and administration of medications that would be otherwise difficult to administer. It is a simple technique, permits the rapid administration of a known quantity of agent, is repeatable, and is usually well-tolerated.

Updated by Jarred Williams MS DVM PhD DipACVS-LA DipACVECC

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Accessory ligament DDFT desmitis

Also called inferior check ligament desmitis, it is a poorly understood condition. Possibly caused by excessive over-extension strain on the accessory ligament (ALDDFT) during exercise, plus evidence of age-related degeneration. The condition is more common in show jumpers and hunters, especially older athletic horses and ponies; less frequently reported in racehorses and eventers.

Updated by Graham Munroe BVSc PhD CertEO DESM DipECVS FRCVS

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Mercury toxicity

Mercury toxicity is associated with the use of blistering agents containing mercury salts. Signs of mercury salt toxicity include acute erosive and ulcerative dermatitis, stomatitis, renal failure, shock. Toxicity with elemental and organomercurials causes chronic neurologic signs.

Written by Karyn Bischoff BS DVM MS DipABVT
Reviewed by Birgit Puschner DVM PhD DipABVT

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