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Head fractures

Head fractures can be caused by general management problems such as violent interactions between horses, eg overcrowding. More specifically when several horses are fed from a common trough, at competitions and training over jumps, etc, or when horses compete against each other where a collision could occur, eg Polo.

Basisphenoid / basiocciptal fractures sustain damage most frequently when horses rear over backward or run into objects and strike the poll of the head.

Updated by Jarred Williams MS DVM PhD DipACVS-LA DipACVECC

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Effects of training and exercise

This topic covers the effects of training and exercise on muscle, bone and other structures including joints, subchondral bone, ligaments and tendons.

Updated by Laura Quiney BVSc MRCVS

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Oocyte collection

Oocyte collection from mares can involve either oocyte aspiration, ie sucking/flushing the oocyte from the ovary, in live mares; or opening the follicle and scraping free the granulosa layer in excised ovaries, from ovariectomised or dead mares. Both of these techniques are described in this new topic.

Written by Madeleine Campbell BVetMed MA BA DipECAR PhD DipECAWBM(AWSEL) MRCVS
Reviewed by Camilla Scott BVetMed CertAVP(ESM) DipACT MRCVS

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