BCVSp Launch New Website to Help Clients Understand the Process of Referrals


The British College of Veterinary Specialists (BCVSp) have launched a new website to help primary practitioners inform and guide their clients about veterinary referrals...
The charity strives to educate the public on the wellbeing of animals through the development, understanding and application of veterinary specialist care.

Their aim is so make animals lives better with the help of amazing vet specialists in a wide range of disciplines. Everyone at the Your Vet Specialist understand that ensuring our animals are fit and healthy is vitally important. As a charitable organisation, they work to help members of the public make informed choices on veterinary care for their aniamls, to understand the options that are available to them, without fancy and scientific jargon, and help them find out how to access veterinary specialist care through a referral process.

The new website covers information on what a specialist is, a 'specialist finder', case studies and FAQs.

Visit www.yourvetspecialist.org for further information.