Capillaria aerophila

Eucoleus aerophilia • C. aerophila • C. aerophilus

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  • Class: Nematoda .
  • Superfamily: Trichuroidea .
  • Genus: Capillaria .
  • Capillaria aerophila is a trichuroid nematode affecting domestic and wild carnivores and, sometimes, humans. It may cause respiratory distress in cats. It is a new emerging pathogen with a worldwide distribution. Global warming is a potential driver to the spread of this parasite.


  • Worldwide.
  • Until recently, rarely recorded in cats and the 2 possible explanation is that it is newly emerged or that it was mistaken for Trichuris spp.
  • Prevalence of infection in certain places in Europe and USA can reach 5-10%.
  • FIV cats may be susceptible.


  • Many cases asymptomatic.
  • Some may show¬†severe respiratory signs.
  • May be fatal.
  • Potentially zoonotic.¬†
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