Keratitis: eosinophilic

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  • An infrequently occurring disorder in the horse where corneal ulceration is covered by raised and white necrotic plaques.
  • Cause : unknown.
  • Signs : blepharospasm, chemosis, hyperemia, tearing.
  • Diagnosis : clinical signs, cytological examination.
  • Treatment : NSAIDs, keratectomy.
  • Prognosis : good.


Differential diagnosis


Clinical signs

  • Perilimbal ulcers extending centripally.
  • Ulcers covered by raised, white, necrotic plaques attached to cornea.
  • Moderate to severe ocular pain.
  • Conjunctival hyperemia.
  • Chemosis.
  • Caseous, mucoid, yellow-white ocular discharge.
  • Dacroadenitis and keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS) may be present in association.



  • Good if treated properly and for a long enough period of time.

Expected response to treatment

Reasons for treatment failure

  • Failure to identify specific underlying etiology.
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