Need a little bit extra?

Webpartner is more than just a website provider. In addition to building and managing you website, we also offer a full range of add-ons service that can enhance your existing package.

  • Engage with more of your potential market.
  • Inform your clients to help them make the right choices.
  • Interact with your clients regularly to ensure repease business and loyalty.
For more information on any of our Webpartner add-on services, please do contact our Webpartner team via, or call +44(0)1223 895818.

Owner Factsheets

Exclusive to Webpartner, our owner factsheets will provide your clients with reliable information they can trust.
These are automatically available with our Gold and Platinum website packages, but can also be offered as an add-on to those who opt for the Silver package.
  • Enrich your website with peer-reviewed content from Vetlexicon adapted specifically for pet owners
  • Hundreds of titles covering dogs, cats, horses and small furries, readily available for your clients to read and print off – with your contact details
  • Improve your search engine optimisation and put factsheet content into your own context by providing your own introductory text
  • Promote your services and encourage client appointments by adding links from factsheets back to your site own content
  • Increase reach and engagement via social media and email by easily linking through to factsheets on your website
  • Aid client understanding of pet health issues and veterinary procedures, improving compliance with your treatment regimens
These factsheets will be a valuable tool that will help you engage with your clients and show they you are passionate about providing the best care and advice for their pets.

Practice Videos

Practice videos are the way forward in showcasing your practice.

Having a practice video will make your clients feel more confident in your service as well as show your passion for the care of their pets.

Want to see an example? Have a look at what we made for Rossdales and Partners.

Gold Package £3300

You will receive:
1 x 3-5 minute practice video that promotes who you are and what you do.
2 x 35-40 second cut down clips to use on social media and other platforms. These will help to drive traffic to your website and specific pages.

Platinum Package £4200

You will receive:
1 x 3-5 minute practice video that promotes who you are and what you do.
4 x 35-40 second cut down clips to use on social media and other platforms. These will help to drive traffic to your website and specific pages.
A consultancy session followed by a campaign creation, whereby your existing media output will be evaluated and a tailored campaign will be created to engage with your existing audience and connect with prospects.

Vetstream will be working with Driftend films to produce your practice videos. This service will provide a two-man shooting crew and one full day of shooting at your practice, along with the necessities post-production including editing and delivery.


Images are a key element to any business, keeping your website, social media, and marketing materials modern, dynamic and visually appealing.

The Webpartner photography service will provide you with:

  • An initial consultation
  • Inside and outside photos or your practice and grounds to showcase your services and facilities
  • Staff photos of your team, both group and individual options.
  • A professional journalistic shoot of two/three hours with your practice.
  • Use of images for website, brochures, social media and advertising.
  • All fully edited, professional, high resolution images provided on a disk.
  • Prints can be arranged for a standard print cost.
Having photos of your practice and your team can help ‘put a face to a name’ and convey the personality of your brand. For more information on this service, please contact our Webpartner team.

Pet Health Videos

Webpartner pet health videos show cat and dog owners how to deal with common pet care issues such as tableting and flea treatment.

These can be linked and made visible on your website which will:
  • Offer your clients a new level of service with engaging video content they can watch whenever they want to
  • Improve pet welfare by educating and empowering your clients to take better care of their pets
  • Save time by helping clients master common pet care tasks without having to repeatedly demonstrate methods yourself
  • Help build your client-practice bond and encourage return visits to your website
  • Increase word-of-mouth recommendations – pet owners will tell their friends to watch your videos
Full list of the videos on offer:
  • How to get a cat into a basket
  • How to apply a flea treatment to your cat
  • How to check your cat's teeth
  • How to give a tablet to your cat
  • How to administer eye drops to your cat
  • How to administer ear drops to your cat
  • How to feed your cat correctly
  • How to clean your dog's ears
  • How to groom your dog
  • How to give a flea treatment to your dog
  • How to check your dog for ticks
  • How to check your dog's teeth
  • How to give a tablet to your dog
  • How to administer eye drops to your dog
  • How to administer ear drops to your dog
  • How to feed your dog
  • How to check your pet at home
  • How to check your pet's nails
  • What to expect when your pet goes for an annual health check
These videos can be personalised with your practice logo, and stored privately to keep your website secure. To see an example of these videos simply contact us and we will be happy to show you our video library.


Webpartner can help get your practice talking. Well-written content gives your business credibility and shows expertise. We provide a number of copywriting services to ensure your Practice is producing high-quality and relevant content to assist your Marketing plan.

  • Copy editing You provide us with written content containing the key words, points and information you want to get across. We will edit to ensure it is polished, professional and free of errors ready for your website, social media channels or newsletters.
  • Full website content We will arrange a phone call/meeting to take a full brief and to complete a Practice questionnaire getting to know your business values and tone. Then leave us to write your website copy (up to 6 pages) ready to impress current clients and draw in new ones.
  • Blog posts Blogging as a business not only helps with your Google ranking but also provides regular content for your website and social media. It can be used to give an insight into your Practice, show your expertise in Pet health or focus on keeping clients and potential clients updated on new facilities/changes at the Practice.
    Call us to find out about our blogging subscription packages!
  • Blog plans Struggling to find the time or inspiration for content to make your Veterinary Practice stand out? We can arrange a phone call with you to discuss your business and annual activities to create a monthly or bi-monthly content plan. Depending on your needs, we can also create the content and upload on your behalf.
  • Case studies A fantastic way to show the great work your team do is through Case Studies. These would outline a health issue of a beloved pet, their symptoms and what you did to help get them back to full health! Pet health is an emotive topic and this is a great tool to show the value of your services to clients.
    Adding social proof to your stories can increase the conversion rate by up to 30%!
For more information on this service, please contact our Webpartner team.

Hosted Emails/ Domain Registration

Webpartner can provide email addresses using your domain suffix (e.g.enquiries@yourdomain, register@yourdomain).
We understand that veterinary practices require a hassle-free email service, and nowadays remote access to email services is more important than ever.
Webpartner offers hosted email services on an advanced, cloud based Microsoft Exchange platform, giving users a secure, feature rich email service on a simple, per user, per month basis.
The murky world of domain registration can be a frustrating process including hours of research into available domain names and ‘bidding’ for those you would like to register. Webpartner can take care of this for you via our full domain registration service. Any domain we register for you will be owned by you.
For more information on this service, please contact our Webpartner team.