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It can be challenging to grow your practice and keep your clients happy enough to keep coming back. The Webpartner team has specialist marketing experience within the veterinary world, so you can rely on us to get you noticed. We also understand the messages you want to communicate, and how to grow your practice and profitability

Did you know:

78% of adults go online every day or almost every day (Veterinary Practice Today).
The internet plays a significant role in the lives of your clients, so use it to your advantage.

Webpartner: the one stop solution for your veterinary website

Stand out with a bespoke, responsive website tailored to your needs

Build your client-practice bond with our exclusive, engaging web content

Rank well on Google thanks to our search engine friendly websites

Easily manage your content with our intuitive content management system

Stay on track with ongoing support and second to none, 1:1 telephone training

Further customise your website with our range of add-on services

Responsive designed home page for Borden Lane Vets

Why choose Webpartner

Bespoke, high quality website solutions

Web design is very much a problem-solving exercise, with the aim of achieving goals and objectives.

Our team will spend time with you, learning about the specifics of your business, your target audience, your challenges and the path you are on.

Then we will apply our expertise in veterinary marketing and responsive web design to boost your online presence and drive your business forwards.

No more templates – we understand that each case is different and needs its own approach. We focus on providing the best experience for your clients, no matter what browser or device they choose to use.

We don’t compromise on quality. We believe in giving straightforward advice and a modern approach to accessibility and usability.

A sample of Webpartner owner factsheets from Vetstream

Content to engage and inform your audience

Library of pet health factsheets

  • Exclusive to Webpartner, our pet health factsheets will provide your clients with reliable information they can trust
  • Enrich your website with peer-reviewed content from Vetlexicon adapted specifically for pet owners
  • Hundreds of titles covering dogs, cats, horses and small furries, readily available for your clients to read and print off – with your contact details
  • Improve your search engine optimisation and put factsheet content into your own context by providing your own introductory text
  • Promote your services and encourage client appointments by adding links from factsheets back to your site own content
  • Increase reach and engagement via social media and email by easily linking through to factsheets on your website
  • Aid client understanding of pet health issues and veterinary procedures, improving compliance with your treatment regimens

Pet health videos

  • Webpartner pet health videos show cat and dog owners how to deal with common pet care issues such as tableting and flea treatment
  • Offer your clients a new level of service with engaging video content they can watch whenever they want to
  • Improve pet welfare by educating and empowering your clients to take better care of their pets
  • Save time by helping clients master common pet care tasks without having to repeatedly demonstrate methods yourself
  • Help build your client-practice bond and encourage return visits to your website
  • Increase word-of-mouth recommendations – pet owners will tell their friends to watch your videos
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Page structure designed for ease of use and good content structure
  • Cleaner code - search engines can read the pages quickly and easily
  • Text styles - Use the correct headings and content structure
  • Optimised load times and page weights - Designed to keep load times and server requests to a minimum, making the pages load faster for the end user.
  • Character/word limits - Editors have to split content into search engine friendly 'blocks'
  • Automatic metadata - Keywords and description are added to the page in a standard format but can be edited for enhanced SEO as required on a page by page basis
  • Search engine friendly URLs - URLS are written out in 'good' English such as www.ABCvets.co.uk/services/x-rays
  • Schema.org - Additional code that helps search engines recognise and understand content such as company contact details, staff names, qualifications and job titles
Screengrab of the Kentico Content Management System

Feature-rich content management system (CMS)

Vetstream is partnering with Kentico to provide a user-friendly, powerful tool for managing your Webpartner site. The Kentico CMS powers over 25,000 websites worldwide, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Benefits for Webpartner users

  • Built-in image editing - resize and crop images directly within the media library
  • Content scheduling - publish or hide documents on your site at certain dates and times to schedule promotions in advance
  • Versioning - keep track of who made edits and when, compare document versions and rollback to a previous version with the click of a button
  • Archiving - for documents that you don't want to display on the website, but need to retain for later use
  • Editorial workflows - site editors can update content and submit for approval before publishing
  • Multilingual content - easily manage content in any number of languages, including Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic and Eastern European languages, to help clients whose first language isn't English
Technical support from Vetstream Webpartner

Ongoing support and training

Once your website goes live we will provide your team with CMS training over the telephone using screen sharing and back this up with an easy to follow User Guide.

Our support doesn’t end there. We want your website to continue to work for your business and serve your community. We’re available via telephone or email for general website advice or site editing support when you need it.

"I felt that our existing website needed to be more up to date and we also wanted a website which would be easy to navigate on a mobile phone.  The process I went through with the Vetstream team was simple and straightforward.  They really listened to us to understand what we wanted and how we wanted to come across.  They were also very helpful with the design and let us try different colour combinations until we found the perfect set.  While work was in progress, I was kept up to date and given a nudge when needed to remind me to update some of the information.
When we saw our new website for the first time, we were amazed at how good it looked.  It’s also really easy for our clients to navigate so we are really pleased!  Thank you Vetstream!”