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Therapeutics: anti-neoplastic agent

Synonym(s): Chemotherapy, Cytotoxic agent

Contributor(s): Laura Garrett, Lauren Trepanier, Isabelle Desmas-Bazelle


  • Most cytotoxic agents act upon process of cell growth and division: potent and potentially dangerous.
Do not use without consulting a specialist oncologist.Refer to chemotherapy safety administration  Chemotherapy: safe handling.
  • Indications and goal of therapy: 
    • Primary induction chemotherapy: for lymphoproliferative Lymphoproliferative disease and myeloproliferative tumor disorders (hematopoietic cancers) or for a palliative role in advanced/metastatic cancers with no alternative treatment options.  
    • Primary neoadjuvant chemotherapy: to decrease tumor size and/or clinical stage prior to surgery and/or radiotherapy. 
    • Adjuvant treatment: after surgery and/or radiotherapy (to treat residual tumor cells or micrometastasis).

Cytotoxic drugs

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Other cytotoxic drugs

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