Cytology: prostatic wash

Prostatic massage

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  • Prostatic discharges contain cells.
  • Cytology may be more useful than diagnostic imaging.



In combination

  • In combination with diagnostic imaging in diagnosis of etiology of prostatomegaly.

Other points

  • Ejaculation may also be used to collect prostatic fluid for cytology.
  • May be more accurate than prostatic massage when concurrent prostatic and bladder infections are present.
  • Prostatic fine needle aspirate or biopsy maybe required to get more information.

Result data

Normal (reference) values

  • Uniform cuboidal epithelial cells.
  • Older animals may show some squamous metaplasia, and occasional macrophages.

Abnormal values

Prostatic hypertrophy
  • Normal cells: cuboidal to columnar with round, eccentric nucleus.May see papillary configurations with prostatic hyperplasia.
Squamous metaplasia
  • Cyst-like accumulations of epithelial debris and keratin.
  • Squamous metaplasia may be marked if sertoli cell tumor of the testicle is present (estrogen influence).
  • Inflammatory cells.
  • Infectious agents.

Errors and Artifacts

  • Bacterial urinary tract infection may give false diagnosis of prostatitis .
  • Failure to detect neoplastic cells.
  • Older animals may show squamous metaplasia and cells can appear abnormal.
  • Inflammation present in urinary tract.
  • Ageing of sample → degeneration of cells.
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