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Emergency veterinary attention can be required after traumatic accidents or in some serious medical conditions. If you are in any doubt as to whether your pet needs to be seen as an emergency you can call your vet for advice. Signs that may indicate that urgent attention is required include: difficulty breathing; constant gagging/ retching with nothing brought up, or persistent productive vomiting. Sudden onset of seizures (fits) or persistent seizures without recovery between are also cause for urgent veterinary attention.

Immediate veterinary attention can mean the difference between life and death for an injured dog after all but the most minor of accidents. Your dog will receive necessary treatment much faster if you are able to transport it directly to your vet's clinic (where all the necessary equipment is on hand) than calling the vet out to your house or to attend the scene of the accident. The most important thing to remember in an emergency is not to panic! - this could cause further anxiety for an already frightened animal and it wastes valuable time. If you are concerned about your pet in any way contact your veterinary surgeon for further advice.

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