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Choosing a cattery

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Ideally, it would be less traumatic for our pets to have 'cat sitters'; enabling them to remain in their home environment when we go away or are on holiday and have to leave them in the care of another. The majority of cat owners, however, have to rely on boarding catteries for the care of their animals while they are away. The experience is always going to be variably traumatic for your cat but by taking care in choosing a cattery, the stress can be minimised, ensuring that your pet returns to you fit, happy and healthy after its stay.

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Introduction: Choosing a cattery

Are catteries inspected by any regulating body?

How do I know if the cattery is a good one?

Can I visit the cattery before I book my pet in to stay?

What should I look for in a cattery?

Could my cat catch diseases from the other cats?

How can I make my cat's stay as enjoyable as possible?

Will my two cats be housed separately?